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With our Rebate Program, you get $500 at closing.


If you are looking for a house for sale, then, you are in the right place. Help-U-Sell Real Estate helps buyers find their ideal property. Our agents will create your real estate plan and help you make the best decision about your new location purchase. With us, you enjoy great benefits that provides useful tools and solutions, like:


-Access to all houses for sale available on the market.

-Help you come up with an offer for the best price and terms.

-Structuring of the offer, to have the best chance of acceptance.

-Expert negotiation skills to get you the best deal.

-A professional to handle all the details through close of escrow, inspections, loan prequalification and processing, contingencies, disclosures, etc.


Also, you receive $500 at closing from our Rebate Program. Contact one of our agents and request a free consultation! We’ll be glad to help!


Watch our video above to find out more about how we work with buyers. If you are looking to sell a property, check our Fast Cash Offer Option!


Check all our listings HERE, or see some of our exclusive listings below;


1003 Mccully Ct Oviedo, FL. 

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6600 S Fork, Titusville, FL.

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